For users:
• Modular vehicle suitable to use in different users, environments and obstacles.
• Adaptable to the changes in the situation of the handicapped 
• Compatibility with rehabilitation process and acceleration in the process
• Design increasing self confidence
• Cost efficient 
• Reduction in the cost of spare parts, maintenance and repair
• Light and portable sizes allowing carriage by personal car  
• Expansion in second hand vehicle market
• Reduction in parking needs

For manufacturers:

• Modular design addressing to a variety of customers with its basic structure
• Reduction in the costs of design and manufacturing
• Reduction in the stocks of spare parts
• Easiness in sales and services
• Reduction in volume and cost of transportation
• Availability with the use of Standard and modular components and competitiveness in international markets

For Social Security Institutions and Governmental Offices:

• Reduction in the cost of social security with the participation of the handicapped and the elderly in the entire activities of life with affordable cost 
• Enabling the handicapped to become participative with full self confidence 
• Recyclable and environmentally friendly

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Nehir Ajans