A single tool for both indoor and outdoor use

Designed for use by the disabled vehicle, the steering, free wheels, and Joistik has three parts to be added or removed. Individuals with disabilities have the most important objective in the design of both indoor and outdoor use to provide a single product. Ensuring the economy is in the interior, domestic space turns a breeze, while the balance sukuter contributes to increased self-confidence increases in individuals with disabilities.

Operation, maintenance and ease of selection of

Weaker muscle strength and control arms wheelchair, arm strength and control tool to guide people who may prefer the sukuteri. Users wanting to use both versions use the advantage of a single main product of two vehicles in two different ways to deal with the care of the vehicle instead of one, will not face the problems existing in wheel chairs to pass sukutera.

Lock system has been developed on the basis of source material flexibility. Pull the lever located under the seat's self-steering module allows you to peel. Module is used as a steering wheel in order to keep a minimum level of concussion Sukuter lower horizontal convex body thought to form.

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